Juniperus is a technology consulting company focused on innovative drugs, biotechnology, medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, and life sciences.

The company's main business is to provide project consulting and evaluation services to biopharmaceutical technology companies and pharmaceutical industry investment institutions, assisting companies in developing project strategic plans, accelerating project progress, improving project development quality and success rate, and assisting in finding European and North American partners.

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Evaluate drug targets and analyze product market positioning

We provide accurate product market positioning schemes for our clients by conducting in-depth evaluations of drug targets, analyzing market demand and competition, helping clients stand out in fierce market competition.

Select indications and propose and plan biological validation schemes

Based on the client's needs and drug characteristics, we select appropriate indications, propose and plan biological validation schemes to ensure efficient clinical trials and accurate data, providing powerful support for drug development.

Develop clinical trial strategic plans and programs

Based on the client's product characteristics and target market, we develop detailed clinical trial strategic plans and programs, including trial design, trial period, and number of subjects, providing a solid foundation for the successful conduct of clinical trials for our clients' products.

Recommend and assist in negotiating and drafting contracts for introduction projects and authorized cooperation

We recommend the most suitable partners based on the client's needs and product characteristics, and assist in negotiating and drafting contracts for introduction projects and authorized cooperation to ensure a stable and smooth cooperation between clients and partners, achieving win-win results.

Find overseas sales agents for listed products and open up overseas markets

Through our extensive network and in-depth understanding of overseas markets, we find the most suitable sales agents for our clients and assist them in opening up overseas markets, creating broader development space for their products.

Assist investment institutions in screening excellent and potential projects, evaluating project teams, and providing consulting services to improve team execution and break through the company's technical bottlenecks.

With rich experience and resources in the industry, we can help investment institutions screen excellent and potential projects, evaluate project teams, and provide consulting services to help clients improve team execution, break through technical bottlenecks, and achieve faster product development and market promotion.

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